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S01E03 - Handball: A Sport for Every Shape and Size + EHF, PHL Results

We have an exciting episode for you today, filled with updates and news from the world of handball. In this recording, the speaker highlights the importance of the centre-back position in handball, comparing it to other roles in different sports.

They also discuss recent handball tournaments and leagues, including the Premier Handball League in India and the EHF Champions League. Listeners are invited to join in on the conversation by sharing their opinions and thoughts through Instagram and a form on the website.

Next week's episode will feature an interview with the Australian men's national team coach and the head coach of the Canberra Handball Club, along with news on the Premier Handball League in India and the men's under 20 world champs.

The speaker also talks about the passion and spectacle of Indian Premier Handball League and encourages Australian fans to watch handball on EHF TV. They provide insights into the role of a goalkeeper in handball, comparing their flexibility to the agility of wings.

Thank you for listening to Breakthrough and stay tuned for more exciting updates from the world of handball.

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