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S01E05 - Interview with Handball Legend Ogi Latinovic

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Breakthrough: The Handball Podcast! In this episode, our hosts Steve Plummer and Chris Scholl are joined by a special guest, the former Australian goalkeeping great, Ogi Latinovic. Get ready to dive deep into the world of handball as they discuss Ogi's journey, clubs he has played for, and his deep connection with the sport.

But first, let's explore the fascinating world of handball in the Faroe Islands. Our guest shares his personal story of meeting his now wife from the Faroe Islands, which led him to discover the world of handball. The top handball league in the Faroe Islands may be small, with six or seven teams, but it boasts international influence with players from Iceland, Denmark, Serbia, and Romania. The financial stability of the clubs has improved, allowing them to attract better quality players. The competition for winning championships is fierce and the cup game is eagerly anticipated. Media coverage, including televised games and post-match analysis, is prevalent.

Our guest believes that the quality of handball in the Faroe Islands has significantly improved, as showcased by the success of the young team on the international stage.Did you know that Aussies have the potential to be exceptional handballers? The skills gained from contact sports like rugby and AFL make them well-suited for the game. Handball requires a unique blend of skills, including jumping, holding, and having hang time, similar to volleyball players. It's a sport that offers something for everyone, regardless of their size or skills.Speaking of Australia, our podcast guest also shares his personal experience with handball in the country.

The 2000 Olympics brought hype and money to the sport, making it competitive during his early career from the early 2000s to 2010. However, after 2013, handball in Australia started slowing down, affecting our guest's excitement and motivation. But he didn't let that stop him! Instead of quitting, he transitioned from being a goalkeeper to playing on the court and eventually represented Australia in a qualifying tournament for the 2015 Qatar World Championships. Although Germany took their spot in the tournament, our guest's dedication to the game shines through.Moving on, let's explore the vibrant handball culture in Denmark, where our guest has played for prestigious clubs such as the University of Queensland, IKAST in Denmark, and Kif in the Faroe Islands.

Danish people are passionate about handball, attending matches regardless of the league or division. The competitive atmosphere and opportunities to travel across the country make the experience even more exciting.In addition to our guest's remarkable journey, we bring you the latest news and updates from the handball world.

The St Kilda Handball Club has been engaged in competitive matches with Sydney University and Canberra Handball Club this season, showcasing their skills on the court. The Asian Women's Youth Championships in North Macedonia have seen Korea leading Group A and Japan leading Group B, setting up a thrilling final match between Korea and Japan.

The Brisbane Handball Club's junior women's team emerged victorious in the Junior World Cup, securing a remarkable 201-12 victory over Taiwan University in Italy.

As we wrap up this newsletter, our guest reminds us of the importance of consistent effort and playing competitive games regularly to see growth and results in handball. Like the Faroe Islands, where growth has come through taking baby steps, we believe the sport has a bright future. With the upcoming Olympics, there is a great opportunity to showcase the talents of handball players worldwide. Stay tuned for an inspiring and insightful discussion with Ogi Latinovic in Episode S01E05 of Breakthrough: The Handball Podcast.

Don't miss out on the upcoming Australian Handball Club Championships and the intriguing results from other tournaments.Remember, handball is a sport that offers something for everyone, and we sincerely hope that you find joy and inspiration in the world of handball.

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