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S01E02 – From Family Activity to a Significant Part of My Life + 2023 National Championships Draw

Welcome to the second episode of Breakthrough, the Handball Podcast. In this exciting episode, our host Steve Plummer and guest Chris Scholl discuss the latest news about the upcoming handball competition. Here are the highlights of the episode:

- Chris shared his insights about handball and the similarities between different schoolyard games.

- The draw for the road to the national championships in Canberra was conducted live with Carlos.

- The women's competition will have five teams, with the winner being the first past the post team with the most wins and best for and against. They will get to head to the women's Superglobe in Saudi Arabia.

- The speaker believes that being part of the Superclobe tournament is a special opportunity and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

- The aim over the next six weeks is to have women give their perspective on the game and their preparations for the frigid Canberra Stadium.

- The men's competition will have eight teams in Group A and Group B based on a draw. Sydney University is the defending champion for the men's competition, and won the New South Wales League title closely over UTs.

- The speaker asks for opinions on which group is tougher.

- The podcast is the first and only handball podcast in Australia, led by former national, state, and club level player, Steve Plummer, and guest Chris Scholl, who has been involved with the handball community in Australia for over 9 years.

- The speaker shared how they started playing handball at the age of six because their dad and grandfather were former handball players.

- The podcast encourages listeners to subscribe and stay involved through their website and social media channels.

Don't miss out on this exciting episode filled with news and insights about the upcoming handball competition. Subscribe to our newsletter now to get the latest updates and stay connected to the world of handball.

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